1. What is GenLink?

GenLink is MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited's electronic general insurance underwriting portal.

2. What are the benefits of GenLink?

  • GenLink makes it easier and improve the efficiency and effectiveness for you to conduct business transactions with MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited.
  • GenLink provides a cost effective, timely and secure way to transmit policy information to MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited from your PC, and facility to generate policy documents within the intermediary premises.
  • A range of products comprising of personal and commercial lines, and packaged products underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited are made available on GenLink.

3. Who is it intended for?

GenLink is intended for all intermediary type - brokers, agents, and banks.

4. What are the services/features available in GenLink?

  • Online quotation
  • Online facility to negotiate risk with MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited underwriters
  • Endorsement
  • Claims Notification/Enquiries
  • Cover Note
  • Product Encyclopedia
  • Cancellation
  • Renewal issuance
  • Work Queue management
  • Policy documentation online printing
  • Management and performance reports online viewing
  • Letter Writer

5. What time is the system accessible?

GenLink is available 24 hours a day, Monday - Sunday.

6. How can I subscribe to GenLink?

If you are an insurance intermediary and have established relationship with MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited, you can contact one of MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited business development representatives who will discuss the requirements in more depth with you.

7. If I need assistance, how can I contact MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited?

For technical problems, you can contact us by sending your message to Email Us, or call your MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited representative directly.

8. If I forget my User ID/Password, what can I do?

For password reactivation, we have provided you with an auto-reset password facility at the Log In screen to GenLink. For security reasons, you are requested to provide certain information for our verification. If you have provided the information correctly, a new password will be sent to you automatically via your registered email account accordingly.

9. What are the system and browser requirements for the website?

We recommend the following minimum requirements or a similarly configured machine:

  • Personal Computer: At least a Intel Core2 processor or faster, with 2GB RAM or higher
  • Window OS: Windows 7 or above
  • Connection: Broadband
  • Browser: Internet Explorer version 10 or above
  • Printing & Viewing: Acrobat Reader with Chinese Reading capacity
  • Monitor: SVGA or higher resolution, 256 colours minimum
  • Printer: Any Laser Printer

Click here to download Internet Explorer.

Click here to download Acrobat Reader.

10. What is encryption? How is encryption used to protect my information?

Encryption is a method of scrambling your information to protect its security during transmission across the Internet. Encryption transforms data into an unreadable form, and decryption reverses that process. Both encryption and decryption require the use of a special code, usually referred to as a key. The encryption of data provides a strong degree of protection against tampering while data is moving through the Internet. Encryption protects your information against disclosure to third parties. Our Website employs the 128-bit VeriSign Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is one of the strongest encryption technologies. All confidential online sessions between you and MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited are protected upto a 128-bit encryption level.

11. What is a session time-out?

Once you start using the system, there is a time limit (20 mins) established for each page. If you take longer than the time limit to complete the page, you will need to re-login to the system. Information you have keyed in will be lost. As such, you are advised to save a proposal or working document periodically.